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Business Process Management

AI enabled business continuity solutions to discover most optimized business process and make it risk-free of disasters, attacks and outages.

Top Use-cases

Process Discovery

Tools , technology and strategy to identify, map, analyse and optimise most efficient business process.

Shift from painstakingly slow and unscientific manual process to reduce risks, enhance efficiency and build robust processes enterprisewide with Collotech's AI process discovery technology

Discovery for better decisions

AI and human effort combining to build and implement the most efficient process for your enterprise workflows

Top Use-cases

Process Continuity

Businesses expect 24 x 7 access to services and data. Downtime from natural disasters, cyber attacks and outages are biggest business threats.

Reduce financial, legal and reputation risks by putting in place the most advanced disaster recovery and resiliency systems in your enterprise business process

Business Process Management Solutions

Collotech's AI enabled BCM solutions in partnership with Perpetuuiti's business resiliency platform will keep your business data and services securely operational

Top Use-cases

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Combining the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing abilities of Collotech's most advanced algorithms and the workflow automation platforms of our partners fasttracks your enterprise digital transformation

Intelligent RPA

Intelligent Robotics Process Automation  pertained across business processes and domains to achieve rapid transformation that your enterprise needs

Discovery to Decisions

Scale your business rapidly with process discovery, business continuity and intelligent automation

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