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Conversational AI Bots

Human like interactions enabled with text and voice to have those meaningful conversations with your customers and a lasting engagement.

Top Use-cases

Chat Bots

Delivering personalised experience is a priority in customer engagement and service management.

Meaningful conversations that mimics human interaction built on enterprise knowledge base is the most effective way to deliver 24x7 customer experience at significantly low costs

Configurable Conversational Agents

Conversational agents that can be easily configured and deployed in any application

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Top Use-cases

Voice Bots

We love voice conversations and hence we are taking the AI experience closest to a human interaction

Interactions with an ever-growing number of clients is challenging for any business to keep pace with. AI voice bots work relentlessly to reduce the clutter in your inbound or outbound contact centre queues

Customised AI Voice Agents

24 x 7 voice conversations with your customers without worrying about scale-up efforts

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Upscaled customer engagements

Automate customer interactions at better than human efficiency with ease of scale and an equal delight

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