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Data Simulations

Generate millions of compliant synthetic data sets to train your machine learning models with ease and simplicity to accelerate AI implementation.

Top Use-cases

Document Simulation

Data in documents comes with huge privacy risks and are expensive to gather

Without enough data to train your AI models, rapid digital transformation is difficult to achieve.

Custom synthetic documents

Turn to Collotech's privacy compliant AI generated synthetic documents and increase your training data access to millions of datasets

Top Use-cases

Image Simulation

Developers and engineers spend days or even months to collect relevant visual data to train their AI models

Relevant images as training data are difficult to find, privacy protected and attract huge costs

Custom synthetic images

Put your AI training on a fast track and generate as many scenarios with Collotech's image simulation

Top Use-cases

Video Simulation

For any AI model to learn it requires a large dataset to train. Access to ready videos can be a big deterrent to your digital transformation

Creation of visual data for training the AI models is an expensive and time consuming effort

Custom video simulations

With Collotech's AI generated video simulation software, just define your data and create video scenarios with ease

Enhanced AI training with synthetic data

Synthetic data that mimics what a human eye perceives

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