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Data Processing Bots

Documents form part of over 80% of enterprise data and is largely semi or unstructured data. Our AI accelerates discovery and processing of this data at speed.

Top Use-cases

Accounting Bot

Managing efficient accounting process is critical to any business and has a high impact on top-line as well as bottom-line.

Smartly Automate a wide array of your cumbersome accounting processes with our Accounting Bot.

Enhance Service Levels. Boost Productivity. Save Costs
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Top Use-cases

Standard Form Bot 

Businesses often find it challenging to augment data entry and processing resources in an ever changing environment.

Free your workers from Repetitive tasks with our Standard Forms Data Entry or Extraction Bot.

Reduce Operational Errors. Boost Employee Productivity
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Top Use-cases

Healthcare Bot

Customer experience is as critical as the speed and precision care that a healthcare service provider thrives to achieve.

Enhance patient experience by transforming healthcare services with our Healthcare Bot.

Bridging the Gap between Patients, Healthcare Providers & Insurance Companies

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Top Use-cases

Supply Chain Bot

Speed and accuracy along with an enhanced customer experience can add immense delight to your customers.

Reimagine your Supply chain operations with our Supply Chain Bot.

Enhanced Cycle Time & Agility. Increased Capacity & Asset Efficiency
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Top Use-cases

Account Receivable Bots

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Custom Data Entry

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Our low code / no code intelligent automation solutions are quick to deploy, easy to integrate and seamless to operate with any enterprise application.

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