Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting Collotech. Your use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. The management reserves the right to change, modify, include or delete any of the terms.


Collotech is a private company and a platform for development of technology products and solutions for their customers and end users. On a regular basis, Collotech may either build these products through the technological capabilities built in house or engage external expertise to deliver services, products and solutions to their customers based on the requirements provided by them. For this, the Collotech team may seek to get additional information as and when necessary. The details given by the customer will be a subjective perspective of the Collotech team, and the customer may or may not agree with the representation.

How Information is Obtained

Users of this website may register and choose their role as customers, individual contributors, software development companies or developments partners. In this case partners does mean only external association and the development partners will not have any legal right of ownership in Collotech whatsoever. The individual contributors and development partners are external associates and bring in their skills on a best effort basis and Collotech shall not be held responsible in any manner for their actions and deliverables. Collotech is not obligated to to any third party customer and will be working on the projects, solutions on a best effort basis on the customers requirements.

Collotech is not accountable for any false information provided by the associates or external development partners. Collotech will provide a limited consulting as part of the development process. Any products resulting from the Collotech platform are made at the sole discretion of the customer and we recommend that both parties seek independent advice and research before making a decisions. Any user buying products or services from Collotech do so at their discretion. Neither parties, Customers or the development partners or associates shall circumvent and that any such circumvention may be termed as defaulting on commercial and other terms by the parties. On successful fulfilment of products/services delivered to the buyers , the buyers agree to abide by the terms and conditions as specified by Collotech and the customers agree to the commercial terms specified by Collotech.

Collotech does not promise to maintain the confidentiality of information users disclose to other users on our site. All parties acknowledge that Collotech is a private platform and information contained within is directly available only to registered users, in its required format and fields. Information confidentiality, security and sharing conditions will be subject to our privacy policy. Collotech works on best effort basis and in no way responsible or accountable or responsible for guaranteeing success in the purpose for which users come to this platform.

By using this website all users agree to the terms listed herein.